We aim to build a virtuous cycle between artists and fans.

Built for Artists

Develop your audience and fidelize your fanbase.

The time has come to get a well deserved business model for your unique creative work. If the sales you make are definitely important, forget the pressure of the volume. You have the power to open a Bolero fanbase club and benefit from an engaged fanbase. Each time you emit your Bolero Cards, your fans can buy these Tokens to access your club and to generate gains.
You are free to decide the nature of the perks :
You're able to offer exclusive content, merchandising discounts, tour tickets, livestream sessions... The more you share, the more they will be engaged in your success.

Bolero Music Artists Bolero Music Artists

Built for Fans

Directly contribute to the success of your favorite artists.

Music is one of, if not the main, component of our lives. For the first time, Bolero Music gives you the opportunity to invest in the artists of your choice, at a fair and ‘open to everyone’ price. By backing the artist, you contribute to support an artist career. In return, the artist uses his Bolero fanbase club to share exclusive perks, merch, tour & fests discounts, organize livestreams, Q&A… First, you can enjoy special treats for being a supportive fan and that’s a super deal. The artist is free to offer perks at her/his will. In the meantime, the more the artists projects and songs are listened to, the more you'll be able to generate gains.
Browse artists, discover their perks, buy their Bolero Cards, and you'll become part of the fanbase!

Bolero Cards

Artists emit their personal digital Bolero Cards and their supply depends on their score.

Cards can be seen as digital membership cards that allow fans to support an artist while getting exclusive access to his Bolero fanbase club.
Each artist is free to give away the perks of his choice.
Each user enters the fanbase once he owns an artist Bolero Card. When our marketplace will be available, each fan will be free to sell his cards.

A marketplace is coming soon: an increasing value based on the artist performance.

We are leveraging technology to offer a secured, trust-worthy and entertaining tool. We have built the first Index capable to indicate an artist potential and performance. We have decided to use this algorithm to reevaluate Bolero Cards each Monday. Each time you obtain an artist Bolero Card, you will be able to track its value in your dashboard.

Bolero Music Artists

Our vision

Bolero Music answers a well known issue: no matter what kind of music you create, it is getting harder to live from it. However, there never was such an appetite for music.
As the industry is constantly evolving, and fanbases are becoming the key factor of success we believe that artists have a promising future. In this sense, artists need to keep their artistic freedom, while making fans their strategic partners.
After discussing with a lot of artists, producers, sound professionals, it seemed obvious that we had to contribute. By connecting each part of the industry and reducing the intermediaries, Bolero Music is unleashing the power of a tight relation between artists and their fanbase.

Music powered by the people.