What is Bolero Music?

Bolero Music is a platform that allows fans to invest in their favorite artists by purchasing Bolero Cards. In exchange, fans get access to exclusive benefits offered by the artists and will be able to generate earnings by exchanging their Bolero Cards in a future version.

What is a Bolero Card?

The Bolero Cards are ERC-20 Tokens which are secured and issued in limited quantities. They materialize the relationship between an artist and a fan. Each Bolero Card has a price defined by our Index and de facto, by the progression of the artist’s score.

What is the meaning of Bolero Cards colors?

The Bolero Cards are created in four different colors. Each color represents an artist category. Here are the categories per color:
Purple = Developing artist
Bronze = Emerging artist
Gold = Established artist
Platinum = Global artist

bolero token purple
bolero token bronze
bolero token gold
bolero token platinium

How many Cards are available?

The Bolero Cards are issued in limited quantities and their supply depends on the artist's score.

Why every artist has a score?

One of the problems we want to solve in the Music Industry is the lack of relevance of the criteria for evaluating artists. Today, an artist is evaluated by their number of sales and their footprint on social networks. However, this is not relevant given the number of musical colors on the market and the way people consume music. To answer this need, we’ve created the first algorithm capable of evaluating the performance and the potential of artists. Each week, the algorithm interprets an artist's progress by taking into account their musical genre and activity.

How do you calculate the score?

To calculate the score of each artist, we automatically collect the following data points: streaming, concerts, radio, social networks, sales, popularity, engagement. Each of these points takes more or less importance depending on the artist's musical genre.

When do you update the scores?

Every week on Monday morning (CET).

What's make an artist card price fluctuate?

The artist's score. In our first version, according to the evolution (%) of the artist's score, the price of his Bolero Card will evolve proportionally. In this version, you have to buy the Cards directly from the artist. In our next version, we will add a marketplace that will allow you to trade the Cards between fans.

What are fanbase clubs?

The fanbase clubs are the clubs that gather all the Fans who own Bolero Cards of an artist.

What are the fanbase stages?

The stages are levels of fanbase that each artist determines from the number of Bolero Cards that must be held to access it. For example, an artist can have 3 stages with the following access rights: 5 cards, 10 cards, 15 cards. This way, the artist can offer even more exclusive perks to fans who have purchased a certain amount of his Bolero Cards.

How do I access perks offered by the artists?

It is up to the artist and their teams to make sure you benefit from the proposed perks. They have your account information to contact you and explain the next steps. Watch your emails!

Bolero Music has no role and no responsibility for the delivery of the perks.