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Bass Music meets ethnic influences: both critically acclaimed and buoyed by numerous popular successes, Bass Music DJ and producer Tenka has succeeded in making a name for himself in the world of electronic music. Hailing from Strasbourg, France, the new trendsetter in Trap with an ethnic influence has millions of views for his body of work across various platforms. With ten years of hardcore metal under his belt, including several albums and more than 300 shows, Chris Rodriguez has now refocused all of his energy into the new, authentic outlet for his musical passion, “Tenka”. From heavy bass to ethereal melodies, the electronic sounds blend with ethnic instruments and Tribal chants, composing a sensational journey through the artist’s creative energies. Deeply inspired by his many travels and the diversity of world music, Tenka incorporates the local sounds he has captured into his Trap foundation, featuring traditional ethnic instruments such as the Armenian duduk,the Balkan kaval, the Turkish oud, and the Mongolian horsehead fiddle. He brings out the essence of these foreign instruments and weaves them into a rich polyphony, with a passion for world sounds that fills his creations with wide-ranging emotions and character. Since launching his project in May of 2018, Tenka has received numerous accolades and collaborations have followed one after another. It wasn’t long before he traveled to Los Angeles for a studio recording with American producers and rappers of international renown including Drama B and Born I. He was selected as a finalist in the “Two-Genres Contest” held by Mixed In Key, who also featured him in an interview. Recognized by his peers for the richness and diversity of his music, Tenka has already released several tracks under the independent label Tribal Trap, and regularly appears on playlists of other prominent labels such as Trap City and Trap Nation. Following the release of his first album in collaboration with the vocalist Born I, in March 2020, in addition to several appearances on SKAN’s latest album, Tenka is preparing to take on a new artistic dimension with a new album called “Phoenix”which will start to be release in July 2021.