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Ok, KOSTROK: In the past it was an artist duo, then a single boy and now a cartoon within the Kostrok World. The project is changing since 2010 musically, personally and visually naturally, like the real world. With his first single "Right Now" (mixed by Julien Delfaud, one of the leaders of electronics "French Touch" and the sound of bands like Phoenix, Woodkid or Dunne Herman), Kostrok achieved many goals impossible for most artists: they were played on commercial radio stations, they were the tune of choice for the NBA playoff in the United States, they have been on European movie soundtracks and they have been remixed by international figures such as Yuksek, Discodeine and MSTRKRFT; They have toured Spanish and European festivals and have even run their own club in Valencia. His Electro-pop album "The Golden Fruit Train" full of hits that will make you sing at the top of your lungs in the backing vocals and set the dance floor on fire. After that, Kostrok returned to the club sound with "Samana" and "Mundo" both EPs heavily influenced by the European House, Disco, Funk and Electronic scene. Now, being a cartoon without limits, a lot of music will be prepared without labels and everything will be changing and new because being a drawing, who is going to question it? To conclude: Welcome to Kostrok World.