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Fabio Battaglia

Creativity, experimentation and love making people dance: these are the reasons that pushed Fabio to approach to Techno music.
 Fabio Battaglia was born in a small town in Sicily. 
 Since he was 14 he developed a strong interest on club’s music scene of the island.
 He started to mix in small clubs of his hometown, conscious that he would have needed to grow and learn more. In deed, he left Italy to go to study audio engineering at Sae Institute, in Barcelona where he actually lives.
 This experience helped him to build up himself as a man, as a producer and as a DJ.
 In the last 4 years he has been focused on sharpening his techniques during long studio’s sessions and intense club nights. 
 Recently he played in Ibiza, London, Barcelona and in the North of Italy: no matter where he plays, if in his studio or in a club, he makes his mark.
 Even if Techno music is usually identified with dark colours, Fabio’s sets provide a rich colourful palette.
 He’s balanced in mixing hermetic basses, minimal percussions and melodic sounds, without leaving anything to chance.
 His meticulousness in using the effects makes him a voice from the outside.
 Fabio is in constant research of a compromise between what he feels and what the dancefloor expects.
 His first EP “Introduce Myself” was released under the Spanish label Officina 55, where also the remix of “Lady Bug” by Full and Empty was out.
 “Contrasting worlds”, the follow EP, was released by DoThatLab.
 The last EP was released on Egothermia Records, with the support of amazing artists playing his tracks in the iconic Brazilian’s club The Edge, Mob in Palermo, just to mention some.
 Following releases in labels such Familia (London) and Prisma Techno (Brazil) and Loose records, label founded by Neapolitan techno legend Rino Cerrone and Mario Manganelli.


Fabio Battaglia